Dwelling as Dwelling

Posted on 05 May, 2014

Nothing explores dwelling like dwelling.  This is a proposal to reproduce and study the traces of habitation and their affects on new spatial trends within the current economic climate through actual human occupation of a curated show, entitled “Dwelling,” at the New Art Center in Newton, MA.

As market demands have upset historical precedent and brought luxury dwelling into neighborhoods of heavy industry and project housing, new tiny dwellings are proliferating in both urban and rural areas.  With limits of scale and proximity testing long-standing bourgeois values, a radical continuation of these trends is proposed to explore their natural boundaries.  INC_A will install a micro-dwelling within the gallery space of the Art Center and invite the public to occupy it.

By inhabiting this dwelling within a building a three dimensional palimpsest emerges describing the relationships evolving within increasing densities.

This proposal recognizes the myriad logistical considerations that must be coordinated for the show to be a success.  Our team would like to engage in a dialogue with the curator and the ArtCenter to determine a proper framework.

Hermit crab dwelling.